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It has been over two years since RealtyUSA became Howard Hanna Real Estate Services and introduced new and innovative programs for our clients.  One of the most powerful programs offered by Howard Hanna is the 100% Money Back Guarantee.  There is no comparable program offered by any other CNY real estate company.  As an associate broker with Howard Hanna, I don’t believe people know enough about this program and are missing out on a host of benefits.

General Overview

What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee Program and how does it work?  This program allows buyers the option to have Howard Hanna guarantee to buy back their home for 100% of the purchase price.  At any time during the first year, if the buyer is not satisfied with the home purchased, for any reason, this program can be initiated by the buyer.  The home purchase price must be within the range of $75,000 to $600,000.  The buyer pays a premium equal to 1% of the purchase price at closing to set the guarantee in place.

For a buyer to have the option to choose the 100% Money Back Guarantee, the seller must be represented by a Howard Hanna agent and agree to offer the program for the home they are selling.  There is no program cost for the seller, nor is there any obligation or liability associated with the program for the seller.  The buyer must also be represented by a Howard Hanna agent and the program must be selected byt he buyer at the time of contract signing. Even if requested at contract signing, the buyer can cancel the program at any time before closing without cost or penalty.  Full details of the 100% Money Back Guarantee are presented in the seller or buyer application, as appropriate.

Buyer Benefits

The100% Money Back Guarantee gives buyers peace of mind.  The program allows them to buy confidently with the knowledge that they will not lose money on their purchase should they encounter possible or unexpected issues within the first year of ownership.  Here is a representative sample of potential buyer scenarios where the 100% Money Back Guarantee would provide a viable solution:

  • Buyers new to CNY may be apprehensive about committing to a specific area since they would not be familiar with all the available choices
  • Buyers facing uncertainty relating to a potential short-term corporate relocation
  • Pending plans such as undeveloped lots in a new construction neighborhood
  • A newly renovated home that establishes a higher price for the neighborhood
  • Any number of uncertainties associated with the home’s condition
  • Buyer’s remorse for any reason

Seller Benefits

Sellers are constantly in competition with other homes available on the market.  Anything that gives your home an advantage or sets it apart from the other available choices is a significant benefit.  The 100% Money Back Guarantee immediately provides sellers differentiation from the competition!  This exclusive service is advertised in all Howard Hanna print advertising with the distinctive logo and a specialized rider on your yard sign.  The program invites interest from prospective buyers and assures them that Howard Hanna stands behind the price of the home.  The bottom line is that the 100% Money Back Guarantee results in homes selling for the highest market value and faster than competing properties

Final Comments

For sellers and buyers represented by other real estate companies in CNY, you may question what value this program has for you. True, you would not be eligible to take advantage of this program’s benefits, but that does not negate Howard Hanna’s willingness to support the seller’s price and underwrite the buyer’s risk at that price.  At some point, I hope you ask yourself why your broker doesn’t offer a similar program. This underscores the facts that Howard Hanna provides more programs to benefit its clients than any other CNY real estate company and why it has continually been the CNY market share leader since 2010 (formerly as RealtyUSA).

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Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services in the Manlius, NY office
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