Find the Best Home for Enjoying Your Golden Years

Purchasing a home for your golden years is a process that can be both exciting and intimidating.  You want to make a choice you can enjoy in years to come, and selling your current home and moving can feel like big hurdles.  With some basic guidelines, you can make wise choices that will bring you success.

Finding a great house.  There are basic details to seek in a house that will help accommodate you safely throughout your future years:

  • Find a single-story living arrangement with no steps in the entryway. Stairs can be a safety hazard for those in their older years.
  • Wide doorways and hallways feel extravagant, adding an open and spacious feel to your home. They also are a safety feature; as you age, you may have times you need to navigate your home in a wheelchair or walker.  Wider walkways improve accessibility.  Even if you don’t need the elbow room, visiting friends or family members might.
  • Look for good lighting. It’s not only important to how your home feels, but as you age, it will be important for your ability to see well.  This Old House points out it’s especially vital to have good lighting in the entryway.  You’ll appreciate it when you are trying to manage keys and packages.
  • Showers are a danger zone. Look for a bathroom and shower space free of thresholds and with grab bars to make bathing easier for your aging body.  Including a seat offers support and safety for showering.
  • Make sure to research home prices in your area. For a home in Manlius, NY, the median listing price is $280,000.

Extra living space.  When choosing a home that will accommodate you as you age, one idea is opting for a property which offers extra living space.  This way, you are prepared should you require live-in assistance or otherwise have a family member live with you.  The space should include a sitting area, separate entryway, bath, storage and kitchenette.  Selecting this additional space not only means someone could live comfortably with you should you need it, it also opens the possibility of renting the space should you require additional income.

Staging your home to sell.  Potential buyers will need to be able to picture themselves in your home, so take basic steps to stage the property for the sale.  Declutter the house, removing items that are personal and decorative.  Let buyers see the home without having to overlook your things.  Go through the house inside and out, and make sure it’s tidy, organized, and fresh.  Clean your carpets, refresh paint, wash windows, and fix anything in need of repairs.  Take an honest look at your curb appeal and make any necessary improvements.  Groom your landscaping, put out fresh flowers, and make sure you’re making a welcoming impression.

Decluttering.  A lot of seniors struggle with the decluttering process.  Some experts suggest involving your children in decluttering.  Find out which items they want and pass them along.  Then evaluate what you need in your new home, and which items are extras.  Keep the necessary and newest items, and discard or donate the rest.

Moving tips.  Pack everything carefully and label boxes as you go.  Then when moving day arrives, make one last pass through your old home to ensure you didn’t miss anything.  Whether you hire professionals or family and friends are your moving crew, HGTV recommends personally overseeing the process.  Things will go more smoothly if you’re involved and managing the move.  Check utilities at both the old and new locations, and when you get to your new property, walk through one more time with your real estate agent.  And be sure to pack some snacks – you’ll be burning plenty of energy, even if you don’t lift a single box yourself!

With these guidelines, you’ll be able to make wise choices as you transition into a new home.  Select a house that will accommodate your future.  Prepare your property to sell, and make an organized move.  Good planning turns buying a home for your golden years into exciting fun!

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